Health Technology Assessment

Health technology assessment is a systematic review of health technologies (such as medicines) and aims to inform decision making by health care policy makers. A HTA advises whether or not a health technology should be used, and if so, how it is best used and which patients are most likely to benefit from it. 

Development of new health technologies necessitates patient involvement at multiple points throughout the process, and this includes health technology assessment (HTA). Roche SA partnered (as the main sponsor) with Campaigning for Cancer, Max Foundation and Academia since last year for patients to receive Heath Technology Assessment (HTA) training through a series of workshops. The objective of the HTA workshops is to upskill patient groups on the principles of HTA so that they can meaningfully contribute to HTAs by bringing forward the patients’ view on the benefits of new treatments. The remaining series of the workshops will be completed before the end of the year. A joint publication from the workshops will be published later this year.