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Roche is the leading provider of oncology medicines as well as providing innovative medicines in the treatment of renal anaemia, hepatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. At Roche, our primary objective is to provide healthcare solutions that deliver superior options for diagnosis and treatment to medical practitioners and patients More >


Corporate Responsibility

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As a leading healthcare company, our goal is to continue to develop innovative medicines and diagnostics that address unmet medical needs and provide real improvements in patients' health and their quality of life - this is our core contribution. We are committed to achieving our  objectives in a responsible and sustainable manner. This this forms the foundation of our Corporate Responsibility philosophy. More >


Disease Area

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At Roche we concentrate our energies entirely on prescription pharmaceuticals and in vitro-diagnostics producing medically differentiated innovative products. Our disease areas include Oncology, HIV AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Renal Anaemia. More >   



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Roche Diagnostics has a proud tradition of innovation in healthcare around the globe. We are committed to making a real difference in peoples' lives by providing products and services for the diagnosis of diseases.  One of our objectives is to develop new diagnostic tools to support healthcare professionals and patients, in their efforts to manage diseases and healthcare costs. More >



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Roche maintains open and honest relationships with our shareholders, prospective investors and the wider investment community. The role of Investor Relations is to manage these relationships efficiently, transparently and consistently in accordance with company policies and relevant securities rules and laws. More >

Roche Media Release


Roche South Africa has entered into a partnership with Raizcorp to help develop and support the businesses of local entrepreneurs through the Roche Business Growth Programme   More >   






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Access a range of content and materials related to our company, people, medicines and diagnostic tools. More >