Collaborating openly and transparently

Throughout our interactions with patient organisations, we are committed to ensuring that all collaborations reflect the common values of integrity, maintenance of independence, respect, equity, transparency and mutual benefit. These values underpin our guidelines for working with Patient Groups, which must also be followed by any agency working with patient organisations on our behalf.

Our support of a patient organisation is always based on a written agreement. The agreement clearly states the purpose, the amount of any financial support and a description of any significant indirect or non-financial benefits. In accordance with industry guidelines, we make public details of our relationships with patient organisations, including a list of collaboration projects and a brief description of the nature of our support.

Patient groups are increasingly important partners for Roche. We share an interest in helping patients understand and manage their disease/condition, including having timely and equitable access to the treatment they need. We also work together with organisations that, rather than focusing on a specific condition, strive to respond to the broad needs of patients. Roche is able to contribute a range of skills, expertise and knowledge which might enhance the patient organisation’s activities. Patient groups are critical in helping Roche to gain a greater understanding of what it is like to live with a disease, the challenges facing patients and their families and the role that drug therapies play in the management of the disease. They also provide the company with an insight on how to support healthcare professionals who in turn support patients.

As a patient advocacy organisation, Campaigning for Cancer, seeks to reform the plight of cancer patient by working from within the system to change the system. Integral to this is a group of stakeholders that are willing to engage and explore innovative solutions to access issues face by South African cancer patients.  Roche has been, over the last 10 years, resolute in their commitment to ensuring that this happens. They have engaged with Campaigning for Cancer and the broader stakeholder group to explore and dialogue issues, and solutions to enhance health literacy and access to care in South Africa. Ultimately, to achieve our goal of a patient obtaining the right treatment and care, at the right time, with no barriers, a collaborative effort is needed and Roche remains a constant in this effort. --Campaigning for Cancer
Roche SA have proved to be a leader in their  commitment to health in developing areas in South Africa, through their support of medical education, facility development and access to health care. --Igazi Foundation