The Public Healthcare Enhancement Fund

As a result of interactions between a number of healthcare companies and associations and the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the Director General of Health, the SA Joint Public Enhancement Fund (SAJPHEF), a not for profit company was established in 2013.

SAJPHEF will be the financing instrument through which member companies to the Social Compact will make fixed annual contributions into the fund. Roche, together with partner companies, associations and the DoH will jointly select initiatives in the areas of human resource development and expansion, management capacity building HIV/AIDS and TB.

The main aim of the partnership is to strengthen the relationship between private and public sectors and to build a partnership between the two.

Partnership through this Social Compact aims to:

1. Leverage the common purpose of the private sector through the pooling of CSI resources, providing a less fragmented approach to socio-economic development in the sector.

2. The identification and joint execution of initiatives in the areas of human resourcing, capacity building and HIV/AIDS and TB, that will contribute to the strengthening of the public system.

3. Enhance collaboration between the public and private healthcare sectors through ongoing sustainable and structured engagement between the two.