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Children's Walk

Roche is particularly proud of its association with UNICEF and the European Coalition of Positive People (ECPP) in Malawi in aid of children orphaned as a result of AIDS.

In 2015, 131 sites participated, with over 150 000 colleagues walking. Over  12,5 million Swiss francs have been raised since the walk’s inception in 2003.

Funds raised by the employees are used to implement and support projects run by the European Coalition of Positive People (ECPP) and UNICEF in Malawi.

So far, the funds have resulted in the successful rollout of the following:

  • 17,000 children assisted through 5 orphan centres,

  • Over 5,600,000 meals provided,

  • Nearly 30,000 school uniforms supplied,

  • Close to 100 children helped through secondary school each year,

  • 200 student teachers have been trained,

  • 18 much needed schoolrooms built to create better learning environments,

  • 6,000 books and over 2,200 pieces of classroom furniture provided to schools.