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Corporate Citizenship

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We are committed to achieving our aims in a responsible and sustainable manner and this forms the foundation of our Corporate Responsibility philosophy. More>



Supporting Cancer

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Roche has embarked on a number of community projects, including upgrading and modernisation of the Charlotte Maxeke Oncology Unit and participating in the EduCare program. More>

Healthcare Train

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Roche’s support of Phelophepa dates back to 1994 when Roche South Africa started to fund the salary of a nurse to work in the train’s general health clinic. From this, Transnet and Roche went on to build a true long-term partnership which has continued to evolve. More>


Public Health Fund

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The Public Health Enhancement Fund is a not-for profit fund aimed at strengthening the relationship between private and public sectors, building a partnership between the two. More >

Children's Walk

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The Roche Children’s Walk is the expanded version of what was formerly known as the Global Roche Employee AIDS Walk, which first took place in 2003.  More >